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Toshali Sands Resort

The star Facilities resort in Orissa approved by the Dept. of Tourism & Gov. of India, sprawled across 30 acres of lush green lawn and gardens with overlooking views of Balukhanda reserve forest on the Konark Marine Drive.

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To the exiciting new world of "POINTS" based holiday memberships. We at Toshali Luxury Club know what the word "HOSPITALITY" means. It is our pleasure to deliver "QUALITY SERVICE" as known in the Industry. I take this oppurtunity to welcome all the members and wish them "Happy Holiday experiences " Chief Executive Officer, Toshali Luxury Club more about club

About Timeshare

Timeshare is a type of joint property ownership, commonly for holiday purposes, where multiple owners use the property for a specified period each year. Timeshare ownership of vacation property is a popular choice for persons who wish to secure a particular location as a holiday destination. Timesharing is now common all over the world.

The cost of purchasing a timeshare depends on the time of year selected; premium prices are charged for the most popular times of the year. The annual maintenance fee for the condominium unit and the annual property taxes are divided proportionally among the timeshare owners. A person who does not plan to use the property during the specified period may rent the timeshare to a third party, but the company managing the property may require that it broker such transactions and receive a fee for the rentals.

When a person signs an agreement to purchase a "timeshare," He/She is agreeing to pay the owner of the property an amount for the exclusive right to reside in the property for a specified time during the year. One or two weeks is the typical period that may be purchased. More about Timeshare

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